Sunday, July 20, 2014

Round Robin

This spring, Three friends and I embarked on a "Round Robin" adventure!  This week, we all got together to reveal the results!

We all supplied a centre block which was then passed around to the other three to be added on. My block, actually four "Road to Kansas" block, was inspired by an antique string quilt I saw in Gwen Marston"s book, "Liberated String Quilts" It was quite large, approximately 28" square.

There's Piper - she likes to help me when I sew!

Jacqui did the first round.She made string snowballs. Aren't they cool?!

Next up, Gail used her "Hex-and-More" ruler to make these neat string triangles. They remind me of little mountains!

 The quilt got its perfect finishing touch from Cathy.  She made diagonal string squares set in a zig zag formation.

I am so pleased with my finished quilt! I couldn't be happier!
It was quite a challenge working on this project, one which I enjoyed and hope to do again.

Here we all are, happy quilters, with our finished quilt tops.

Visit Jacqui, Gail, and Cathy's blogs to learn more about our adventure!

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Quilter Kathy said...

Amazing quilts... love each one of them! It was great fun reading all the posts about the robin project!